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Artist(s) : Red Fox, Lisa Viola & Taddy P
Release Date: 2013
Added: 2015-03-21
Updated: 2020-11-17
Genre: Dancehall

Red Fox, Lisa Viola & Taddy P - Bounce Wid It (Official Video Dancehall 2013) {Bass Inna Yu Face Records}

BOUNCE WID IT, an International Dancehall Collaboration featuring Artists from Jamaica, America & Australia.
The artists - RED FOX, LISA VIOLA & TADDY P are all established artists in their own right, but have come together to Unify Dancehall on an International Platform.


Written: Taddy P/Red Fox/Lisa Viola/Corinne Anne/Kerry-Lynne Rolando
Produced: Taddy P
Vocal production/Arrangement: Taddy P/P.Anquetil
Vocal recording: GJ Saminaden (Sound Guy Productions)

Director - Daniel Saboune
Filming & Editing - Daniel Saboune
Featured Dancers: Nadiah Idris/Kerry-Lynne Rolando/Monique Williams/Eden Dessalegn 
Photography - Kounelli Photography
Make Up - Karen Burgoyne Make Up Artistry
Styling - My Ruby Eye (Jessica Bechara)
Hair - Eden Stylz
Choreography - Eden Dessalegn/Kerry Rolando/Lisa Viola
Director of Choreography - CPule Imo
On-set Coordinator - Sasha Viney
Filming: Majash & Sereino Cunningham (SVC TV)
Styling: Onome Sido
Filming: Devon Stephens

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