Watch Kaibanon - Fade Away [Chessboxin' Riddim]... Music Video

Watch Fade Away [Chessboxin' Riddim] by Kaibanon Now !

📅Added: 2020-06-05 - Last Updated: 2020-06-05

Artist(s) : Kaibanon
Release Date: 2020
Added: 2020-06-05
Updated: 2020-06-05
Genre: Reggae

Kaibanon - Fade Away [Chessboxin' Riddim](Official Video Reggae 2020) {Rar Productions}



Fyah & Titus

"BeatMaker / Musicians"
Fyah: Drums & Percussions
Titus: Guitars & Keyboards
Bassy: Bass Guitar
Wade Johnson: Keyboards
Shenae Clarke – Background Vocals
Record Engineer: Omid Martin

CD Baby

A & R Direction: Jermaine “Gego Di Boss” Jones, Chris Murray, Rohan Robotham & Paul Green
Mixed By: Romel Marshall
Mastered By: Chris Daley
Art Design By
Executive Producers: Rohan Robotham, Gary Dawkins & Paul Green For RAR Productions

No matter what you are going through... You will make it through.  So it was said... So it shall be done... Have faith is the message Kaibanon sends to his listeners.... This too shall Fade Away.  A sultry yet wonderfully versed and produced track by RAR Production.

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