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📅Added: 15/12/2015 - Last Updated: 15/12/2015

Artist(s): Seal'D In Vain
Release Date: 2015
Added: 15/12/2015
Updated: 15/12/2015
Description: 1 Reggae Hit
Type: Single
Genre: Reggae

Seal'D In Vain - 2015-Too Many Rivers (CDS) {#dreamsound973}

01 - Seal'D In Vain - Too Many Rivers

ARTIST: Seal'D In Vain
ALBUM: Too Many Rivers (CDS)
LABEL: RedGoldGreen Movement
COPYRIGHT: © RedGoldGreen Movement

After a long wait is finally available online the first single of Seal'd In Vain, all star band from Rome (Italy) that has as members:

Jump (guitarist for Terradunione, Banda cabin and Acoustic Impact)

Shiny D (keyboardist for Lion D, Adriano Bono, Kent & The Voodoo Brothers Band and Shanty)

Pietro Sinatra (drummer of The Roof, Leo Pari, Police Station and Terradunione)

Davide "The Nephew" Ambrogio (bassist and multi-instrumentalist from the folk group Musaika and Skunchiuruti Band).

The song, which anticipates their first album, has a unmistakable roots reggae flavor and tackles the unfortunately ever present issue of conflicts in the world

with particular reference to the current situation in the Middle East and Africa which still do not find peace.

As beginning and end of the tune there's Mandela's speech after his election as president of South Africa.



David “Shiny D” Assuntino- Voice, keyboards
Giampietro “Jump” Pica- Voice, guitar

Davide “The Nephew” Ambrogio - bass

Pietro Sinatra - drum


Riccardo  “Bombadillo” Di Massimi- percussion

Composed and produced by Shiny D

Recorded by Paolo Santambrogio @ 24 Gradi Studio (Rome, IT)

Mixata by Dario Casillo @ Bizzarri Studio (Modena, IT)
Mastered by Giuseppe Zaccaria @ LRS Studio (Roma, IT)

WEBSITE: / Seal'd In Vain - SIV Facebook Like Page / RedGoldGreen Movement Website(@redgoldgreen12)
GENRE: Reggae
ORIGINAL RELEASE DATE: Youtube Release (October 9, 2015)
LENGTH: 3:34
COVERS: Official Seal'D In Vain - Too Many Rivers (CDS) Cover


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