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Marketing and Promotion Services can Reach over 100,000 contacts and more with our partners*

. Dream Sound Media is a well know Reggae Dancehall platform worldwide.

. With more than 50 000 visit per month (website), 19 millions stream in 2019 (on Soundcloud, Youtube, Audiomack, etc...), 20k new followers, from worldwide.

. Thanks to his experience, Dream Sound Media have a good SEO on search engine.

. Dream Sound Media is a good way to be seen and to increase its notoriety, thanks to our communication services.


Services / Prices Single, Video, Mixtape EP, Album, Multiple Tracks
Website Post 5 USD 10 USD
Website Post V2* 30 USD 30 USD
Social Media Post* 15 USD 20 USD
Music Upload* 30 USD 75 USD
Music Repost* 20 USD 50 USD
Sponsoring (per day)* 5 USD 10 USD
DS Sponsoring (per day)* 5 USD 5 USD
Email Blast V1* 25 USD 50 USD
Email Blast V2* 75 USD 150 USD
Email Blast V3* 160 USD 250 USD
Advertising Radio Spot (30 Pl)* 150 USD 150 USD
Branding One Week* 250 USD 250 USD
Your Music on a DJ Mix From 50 to 200 USD From 50 to 500 USD

Website Post V2: Including post on partner's website (NewZikRadio)

Social Media Post: Post on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, VK

Music Upload/Repost: Upload or Repost in most music cloud service such as YouTube, SoundCloud, Audiomack,...ect Mixcloud and Mixtape Wirefor Mixtape

Sponsoring: Advertise your release on facebook and instagram

Dream Sound Sponsoring: Advertise your release on, each visitor who download something from me are redirect to your link

Email Blast, V1: Single blast With Dream Sound Only, V2: Single blast With Partners, V3: Multiple blast with a Special email including all your links and press kit

Advertising Radio Spot (30 Pl): A package with 30 placements of a jingle about your release on NewZIK Radio. We offer this base on a month, it is then possible to adjust how often you would like to place them. If you don't have the jingle and we have to create it for you , read about our services, there is an aditional fee

Branding One Week: We place your release or logo on the background of social media and website for a week if the spot is free

All promotion services including our Radio: NewZIK Radio could resume to a placement of your music in the radio.


Or simply pick a package

Pack 1: 100 USD/month or 1000 USD/Year (Upload/Repost of all your future production)
(10 Spots Only)

Pack 2: 520 USD - All The service in the Promo Tab

Pack 3: 800 USD - Pack2 + Relevant Mixtape

Pack 4: 1050 USD - Pack2 + 2 Relevant Mixtape

Pack 5: 1100 USD - Pack2 + Relevant Blast (Riddim Stream, Julian Promo, Zojak World Wide, Dancehall Promo, ect)

Pack 6: 1800 USD - Pack2 + Relevant Blast + 3 Relevant Mixtape

If you can't invest, don't send any email for promotion...


1. You will need to let me know if I can put it as free download or not.
2. I Need an artwork high quality, and maximum credits informations about, Labels, Producers, Artists, and maximum socials links
3. Tracklist For Mixtape is appreciate, that help attract mor people
4. I may need written permission to upload it on Youtube
5. For biography, send them by email
6. Before any payment, make sure you have just select the prestation require.
7. After the payment, send an email with the file(s) concerned, Including your paypal ID ticket and the plan choose;Tell Me If it is for free download or not

Estimate The Cost Of Your Promotion


Total: 0 USD Min | 0 USD Max (Depend on the DJ)

Depending on your distributor, I may need a written permission for the platform.

I Am whitelisted only by Zojak World Wide if you distributed with them you could benefit some advantage.

contact @:
send money to or click the button below


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