A Documentary On Kobe Bryant Coming Soon?

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A Documentary On Kobe Bryant Coming Soon?

📅Added: 28/04/2020 - Last Updated 28/04/2020

While "The Last Dance", the documentary about Michael Jordan - broadcast on Netflix - continues to fascinate the crowds, some voices are rising for a documentary of the same style to be made around the story of Kobe Bryant. The NBA star, who died at the start of the year, has left a huge void in the sports world. As a result, some wish that a tribute be paid to the Black Mamba.

Revelations confirm that the project could even be underway. Indeed, NBA Entertainment would have followed Kobe Bryant during its very last season and managed to have access to his travels, his training etc... Everything would have been authorized!

John Black, former vice president of public relations for the Lakers, confirmed that many images were stored. "They had unprecedented and exceptional access, like no one before. We allowed them to do what they wanted, within the limits of what the league allowed, and sometimes, looking elsewhere, to do even more."

Marco Nunez, former Lakers physical trainer also seems very excited at the idea of being entitled to such a tribute. "Watching them and being able to see what the cameras were seeing by capturing Jordan's pre-match routine, I mean, it's the same thing. Go ahead… remove number 23 from the Bulls and insert number 24 from the Lakers. Yeah, I mean, it's almost identical. It’s hard for me not to see these similarities."

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