Ricardo Gowe Does It Again with “Advance Riddim”

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Read News: Ricardo Gowe Does It Again with “Advance Riddim”

📅Added: 2020-10-12 - Last Updated: 2020-10-18

Popular reggae/dancehall producer Ricardo Gowe is known for his individuality and creativity in music productions and his latest project “Advance Riddim” stands as a true proof.

Ricardo has taken his time to carefully craft one of the best rhythm compilations in dancehall right now.

The project will be officially released on September 11, 2020, and will be available in all major online stores such as iTunes via Zojak Worldwide.

The star-studded rhythm features artistes such as Jahvillani, ZiZi, Take Ova, Rhyme Minista, Dree Zee, and Mista Rowe.

Ricardo has high hopes for this project and expects it to dominate the airwaves locally and internationally.

“So far I’ve released the tracks by Take Ova, Rhyme Minista and Zizi, and all have been very well received as they’ve all been featured on the iTunes top 200 Reggae Chart. I’m positive the rest of the Advance rhythm will be just as successful, there’s some real fire waiting to be released.” Said Ricardo.

The hardworking producer has consistently released good quality productions over the years and promises more good quality productions to come.

“When I release any production, I try to reach as broad an audience as possible with that being said, in my projects, there’s a song for almost everyone ranging from those who want music to motivate and empower them to accomplish their goals, to others whose just want to hold a vibe and enjoy themselves to those who are thinking of a special someone and the list can go on.” Said Ricardo.


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