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📅Added: 08/03/2023 - Last Updated: 08/03/2023

Artist(s): DJ MixxKing
Release Date: 2023
Added: 08/03/2023
Updated: 08/03/2023
Description: 30 Sound Effects
Type: Sound Effect
Genre: EFX

DJ MixxKing - 2023-Sound Efx 01 (Sound Effect)

01-DJ MixxKing - Twirling Lazer
02-DJ MixxKing - Call Lazer
03-DJ MixxKing - Crush Lazer
04-DJ MixxKing - Megatron
05-DJ MixxKing - Light Lazer
06-DJ MixxKing - Truck Horn
07-DJ MixxKing - Future Police
08-DJ MixxKing - Alarm Horn
09-DJ MixxKing - Police Siren
10-DJ MixxKing - Alarm Call
11-DJ MixxKing - Lazer Call Horn
12-DJ MixxKing - Lazer Chops
13-DJ MixxKing - Horn
14-DJ MixxKing - Retro Lazer
15-DJ MixxKing - Future Rave Horn
16-DJ MixxKing - Emergency
17-DJ MixxKing - Carnival Horn
18-DJ MixxKing - Call Siren
19-DJ MixxKing - Lazer Call
20-DJ MixxKing - Bop Bop Beep
21-DJ MixxKing - Siren Panning
22-DJ MixxKing - LR Horn
23-DJ MixxKing - Throttle Horn
24-DJ MixxKing - Bap Horn
25-DJ MixxKing - Trap Lazer Mod
26-DJ MixxKing - Mod Lazer
27-DJ MixxKing - Yo Pull Up
28-DJ MixxKing - Boat Pull Up
29-DJ MixxKing - Sirene
30-DJ MixxKing - Tun Up Sound

30 EFX

ALBUM: Sound Efx 01
QUALITY: MP3 320 Kbps
FULL SIZE: 21.2 Mb

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