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📅Added:22/05/2023 - Last Updated: 22/05/2023

Artist(s): CJ Joe
Release Date: 2023
Added: 22/05/2023
Updated: 22/05/2023
Genre: Reggae

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CJ Joe - No Sense (Official Video) Reggae 2023 {Fareast SoulJah Music}

Guitarist & Producer: Ryini Beats
BGV: Shauna Dazzle Music
Guest Musician's (Nyabinghi, Percussions) / ITAK Shaggy TOJO, Michel Conci
Edit by "Trapiex Films"
Director / Cameraman: "Myself", S. Mori, Inspyrevision, Inspyrevision, etc.
Actors: Aquarian/Jesse.J
Cast: Izaba, Kings, Tomomi (Terrazen Centre)
Special Thanks to All Who Supported!
Mix & Master: Steve Drakeem (Lotus Dragon Studio NL)
Release Date: February 6, 2023
Art: Eddy ThreeSixty
Label: Fareast SoulJah Music

This song is reminding us about the lack of respect, peace, love and unity that exists throughout the universe. Especially from the little thoughts of differences in our communities and to the wars that are currently going on. The powers of darkness grow stronger and deeper every day. CJ Joe's new song reminds us with a message "Don't make no sense at all" "We can do better" "Love is the Answer" but strongly sends out conscious inspiring healing of positive vibrations through his soulful vocals Smoothly blending with acoustic guitar drum & bass mixed with Nyabinghi, Kette Drums & percussion sounds.
"Love n Light Over Darkness" - CJ JOE Now Available on All Major Platforms
IG @cjjoefareast

#regggae #roots #nyahbinghi

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