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PROMOTIONS Mainly Promoting Dancehall, Reggae & Soca Music Genre but we accept to promote all


    1. All audio/video files are accepted

    2. You will need to let me know if it is for free download or not

    3. I Need a cover high quality, and all credits informations about, Labels, Producers, Artists, etc... If possible their socials links.

    4. For Mix CDs it is preferable to have a tracklist, a good description is the key of the success of your Mix :-)

    5. For video, I need to know if I have the right to upload it on (Youtube or Facebook)

    6. For a biography, send it by email and I will make a post

    What I am doing

    1. All video submit will be post on The Website with YouTube Link, on YouTube & Facebook, depending on what you want

    2. All audio submit will be post on The Website, SoundCloud, YouTube, Audiomack, Hulkshare with free download link or not, depending on what you want to allow

    3. All audio Mixtape will be post on the same as simple audio + Mixcrate & Mixcloud with free download link or not, depending on what you want to allow

    4. All submission without a correct description on what you allow to do will be consider as a free download files on the website


    Services/Prices Standard (1 Track) Medium (< 10 Tracks) Max (> 10 Tracks)
    Website Post 5 USD 5 USD 5 USD
    Facebook/Twitter Post (Re-Post 1 month) 1 USD (x20=20 USD) 0.72 USD/track (x20) 0.54 USD/track (x20)
    YouTube Upload (With Monetisation Allow*) 1 USD 0.9 USD/track 0.7 USD/track
    YouTube Upload (No Monetisation Allow) 4 USD 3.5 USD/track 2.5 USD/track
    SoundCloud Upload 2 USD 1.5 USD/track 1 USD/track
    Audiomack Upload 4 USD 3 USD/track 2 USD/track
    Hulkshare Upload 1 USD 0.75 USD/track 0.5 USD/track
    Instagram Post 1 USD 1.5 USD 2 USD
    Mixcloud/Mixcrate DJ Mix N/A 5 USD 10 USD

    Estimate The Price for Your Promotion



    Total: 0 USD

    Youtube Upload included also upload on vimeo for free
    For monetization on video, I may need a written permission

    1. All DJs Mixtape submissions not for free download is 5USD/mix for a post on SoundCloud, Youtube, Audiomack, Hulkshare, Mixcloud, Mixcrate, Facebook & Twitter

    2. All DJs Mixtape submissions for free download is Free for a post on SoundCloud, Youtube, Audiomack, Hulkshare, Mixcloud, Mixcrate, Facebook & Twitter

    3. All video submissions are Free for a post on Youtube & Vimeo


    Before any payment, make sure you read the different point, and just select what prestation you want.

    After the payment, send an email with the file(s) concern;
    Including your paypal ID ticket and the plan choose;
    Tell Me If it is for free download or not


    DJ, SELECTA | DJ Madsilver, Vicksmoka, DJ Black Scorpion, DJ Seeb

    WEBRADIO | Webadub Hot Radio

    LABEL | Most Wanted Records, Loyal Linkz, King Of Kings Records, Konsequence Muzik

    PROMOTER, MAGAZINE | Reggae Earth United (Marie Abana)

    ARTISTS | Owen Knibbs, Vitchous, Fuego, Alien, Trabass, Alovich


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