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M-16 Riddim


Artist(s) : Various Artists
Release Date: 0-Before90
Added: 2015-07-01
Updated: 2015-07-01
Description: 43 Reggae Hits
Type: Riddim
Genre: Reggae

M-16 Riddim - 1968-1989 {DS}

01-The Uniques - Secretly (1968)(Lloyd [Matador] Daley)
02-U-Roy - Scandal (1969){Punch}(Lloyd [Matador] Daley)
03-U-Roy - Scandal (1969){Punch}(Lloyd [Matador] Daley)(Full)
04-Lone Ranger - M 16 (1982){Channel One - J & L}
05-Dub Scientist - Dub 16 (1976)(Errol [Don] Mais)
06-Techniques - Play Girl [Discomix] (1978){Techniques}(Winston Riley) (Play Girl Riddim)
07-Techniques - Play Girl (1978){Techniques}(Winston Riley) (Play Girl Riddim)
08-Al Campbell - Now I Know (1979)(Huford Brown)
09-Revolutionaries - Now I Know Dub (1979)(Huford Brown)
10-Yellowman & Sister Nancy - King & Queen (1982){Amco}(C Wynter & R Kotler)
11-U-Brown - Dangerous Machine (1980)(Huford Brown)
12-Toyan - Tribute To Entertainer (Rankin Toyan) (1981)(Volcano}(Henry [Junjo] Lawes)
13-Toyan - Posse (1982)(Ernest Hoo Kim)
14-Sugar Minott - Babylon (1983){Channel One}
15-Sugar Minott - Babylon (1983){Hit Bound}
16-Sugar Minott - Babylon (1983){Hit Bound} (Long Version)
17-Sugar Minott - Rough Old Life (=Babylon) (1983){Hitbound}(Winston [Niney The Observer] Holness)
18-Sugar Minott - Easy Squeeze (1980){Youth Promotion}(Donovan [Peter Chemist] Thompson & Lincoln Barrington [Sugar] Minott)
19-Peter Ranking & General Lucky - Island In The Sun (1982){Corner Stone}
20-Lady Ann - Know Yourself (1983)(Joe Gibbs)
21-Sammy Dread - Rude Boy (A Fire M16) (1983){Channel One}
22-Danny Dread I - Senorita (1983)
23-Sluggy Ranks & Tuffest credited as Sluggy & Tuffest - So Many Spliff (1987){Jah Life}(Hyman Wright)
24-Barry Brown - Sweet Sixteen (1981){Volcano}(Henry [Junjo] Lawes)
25-Delton Screechie & Nigger Kojak - Mix Up (Moving Away & Big Iron) (1982){Peoples Choice}(Floyd Perch)
26-Brentford Rockers - Bushmaster (1981){Studio One}(C S Dodd)
27-General Echo - Rapping Dub Style (1980){Techniques}(Winston Riley)
28-George Nooks - Rapid 16 (Rapid Sixteen) (1982){Yvonnes Special}(Dennis Brown)
29-Johnny Clark - Running Back To Me (1985){Crown}(Richard Patrick [Charlie Chaplin] Bennett & B Wishart)
30-Johnny Osbourne - Peaceful Man (Extract)(80s){Pouyarr}
31-Neville Valentine - M 16 Gunman (1981){Libra}(Neville Valentine)
32-Neville Valentine - M 16 Gunman (1981){Libra}(Neville Valentine) Live In Paris 2009
33-Super Cat & Bruck Back - Mr. Walker (1981){Techniques}(Winston Riley) (Play Girl Riddim)
34-Super Cat & Bruck Back - Mr. Walker [Discomix] (1981){Techniques}(Winston Riley) (Play Girl Riddim)
35-Nigger Kojak - Big Iron (1982){Peoples Choice}(Floyd Perch)
36-Peter Ranking - Suki Yaki (1980){Roots Tradition}(Errol [Don] Mais)
37-Lone Ranger - Scandal (Hyman [Life] Wright )
38-Little John - All In The Game (1983){Black & White}(Carlton Patterson)
39-Little John - War In A Me Area (Discomix) (1984)(Anthony [Bunny Gemini] Dehaney)
40-Massive Dread - Soca Massive (1984){Rose Bud Special}(King Culture)
41-Papa San - Learn A Trade (1986)(Dennis [Star] Hayles & Oswald [Ossie] Thomas)
42-Shinehead - Reggae Christmas Medley (1989){Elektra}
43-Dean Fraser - M-16 Rhythm Version (80s)

Unavailable Tracks

DJ Django - Bushmaster (=Bush Master) (1981){African Museum}(Gregory Isaacs)
Donovan McKoy - Youth Men (1982){DM}(Donovan McKoy)
Dub King Tubby - Gunman Dub Stylee (1983)(Edward O Sullivan (Bunny Striker) Lee)
Jackie Edwards - Girl You Lie (1983){Shuttle}
Johnny Osbourne - What A La La {Cosmic Force}
Johnny Ringo - Throw Down Your Arms (1982)(Trevor Elliot-Robert [Flako] Palmer)
Junior Brammer - New Rude Boy (80s){Jah Life Time}(Percy Chin)
Lloyd Robinson & Joy Daley - Born To Lose (1971){Explosion-Syndicate}(Lloyd [Matador] Daley)
Louie Lepkie - Jealousy (=Jealousey) (1982){Gorgon}(Louie Lepkie)
Milton Henry - What Am I To Do (1985){Wackies}(Bullwackie)
Mother Liza - Alms Connection (1983)(Edward O Sullivan [Bunny Striker] Lee)
Papa Tollo - Gunman Connection (1983)(Edward O Sullivan (Bunny Striker) Lee)
Papa Tollo - Nuff Stylee (1983){Trojan}

ARTIST: V.A. | Various Artists
ALBUM: M-16 Riddim
LABEL: Various Labels
PRODUCER: Various Producers
GENRE: Reggae
REALEASE DATE: 1968-1989
DURATION: 178:26 | 02:58:26
COVERS: No Official M-16 Riddim (Dream-Sound) CD Cover

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