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  • Jean-Luc Felix
    Multi-Task Man / Website /
  • Born in French Guiana (South America), I knew music very young,
    as in Fr Guiana we mainly listen Ragga, Reggae, Calypso, etc...

    The idea of ​​creating this site was initially came to me to
    offer music for people who do not have access, because when
    I was achild I wanted to have any new CDs and collect them
    (I start A The Age of 8) and I had not necessarily have the
    money to buy, I was stolen money from my father to buy me my
    CDs & Casettes.

    Also I realized that a lot of music is still unknown for
    certain people, whereas it is music that worked well at the
    time. So I say why not promote artists and make the world
    know their music.

    Indeed I am aware that some files have copyrights, but you
    will notice that I avoid putting a lot of recent production
    in order to let the news be selling first.

    But I remember you that once your music is in free listening
    on any site, it is very easy to download for example
    (Soundcloud, Bandcamp, YouTube ...) Many people know the
    various tips to get them. Deezer is one of the only site well
    protected, however it is always possible to pick up the sound
    we hear with a recorder such as Audacity,...

    Then even I do not propose something here someone else will do.
    So far let us trying to work together & get good results.
    But if you want me to remove the link to the free distribution
    of your production of my site feel free to make a claims.

    In this world (Dancehall, Reggae, ...) Some productions accepts
    that kind of promotions, other don't.

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